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Article created: 04/05/2016

As is the case with any digital marketing campaign, you want to be confident in the knowledge that your company is succeeding to the best of its capabilities in an age where the web is becoming more prominent than any other media platform.

Surge Marketing Solutions (SMS) are dedicated to helping you achieve your goal of having a rewarding digital marketing scheme. Starting life as one of the leading SEOs in Middlesbrough, SMS rebranded in 2014 in order to offer clients a better- tailored experience.

Expanding from search engine optimisation, the company evolved into web design, AdWords, social media management and email marketing, so customers are able to utilise full, high- quality packages of digital marketing directly from SMS. This ensures that clients are receiving the best experience that will be most useful for their company.

With the combined skill sets of web designers, developers, marketing managers and a business development manager, SMS have gradually become one of the best companies for website design in the North East. With their dedicated team and technical training, customer satisfaction is guaranteed down to the exceptional levels of care and service.

SMS specialise in ecommerce websites and responsive website design that can function well on all platforms. This way, with the right optimisation, your site will be accessible on a range of phones, tablets and desktops. SMS’s designers will also work closely with you throughout the design and build of your campaign and can also offer website training so you can always be confident that you know the ins and outs of your site.

SMS also corroborate with a variety of funding agencies, so cost does not have to be much of an issue. These agencies are prepared to fund 40% of each project, with loans starting from £300, up to £6000. With only a 3-6 week waiting period, it wont be long before your campaign is up and running.

Over the years, SMS has produced a vast array of impressive material for their clients, who have always commented positively on the companies unparalleled customer service and the fantastic value for money.

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