Surge in purchases of .domains TLD But what does it mean for you?

Domaincheck announce new TLDs

Article created: 04/02/2014

If you’re an existing client, you may have received an email last week announcing that the new .domains TLD was now available to be registered.

As a collective, the launch of the new TLDs has been a success, thanks to web-savvy businesses and strong marketing strategies from individual registrars, but the .domains suffix caused quite a stir when it entered the public domain. Within only a couple of hours, 1659 domains were registered with the TLD, according to leading domain industry news site

Amongst the purchases were the expected registrations from domain name companies themselves, with both niche and topical purchases making nice additions to their portfolio. Many chose to also register their brand, such as and clever combinations such as Domaincheck, part of Zebra Internet Services, registered both and

But if you’re not in the domain name industry, what does this all mean for you? As a business, you should already be aware of the value and importance a good domain portfolio has as digital assets, but the release of the new TLDs is also giving businesses increased opportunities to get creative and differentiate their brand based on the industry or trade they operate in.

TLDs such as .builders, .florist and .plumbing are amongst the significant number of new suffixes available from leading UK domain name registrar Domaincheck, at